Wacky Tracks Fidget Spinner


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These Wacky Tracks Fidget Spinners are a new variation of the wacky track! you can spin them of course but you can also add on your other wacky tracks and use them as a joiner or swap out the colours with another wacky track. Wacky tracks and Fidget spinners are great for on the go when kids get bored and fidgety. They are designed for all kids, but are particularly loved by ADHD and ASD kids.

Fidgets and sensory toys help to soothe anxiety, manage emotions and calm neurodiverse brains from over stimulation of the environment. This in turn directs focus on what matters while our over active minds are being distracted by a spinner.

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These toys are enjoyed by anyone and any age. I'm particularly passionate about providing the best I can for neurodiverse adults and children

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