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Stretchy sensory toys are cute reactive sensory toys. They are made from elasticised silicone and can be stretched and twisted and squeezed, some are even reversible like our flip toys!

Stretchies are a fidget toy that is great fun for all kids, but are specifically designed for Autistic or ADHD kids living with neurodiversity. Stretchy sensory toys help kids deal with stresses such as anxiety, overwhelm and executive disfunction. They are good for helping neurodiverse kids to focus in class by keeping their hands occupied, so they can stay on task. Stretchies are practical too because they are silent, non messy fidget toy that are easy to clean. They are less likely to distract other students in class. Diagnosed neurodiverse kids can seek permission to use their fidgets in class.

They come in many sizes, shapes and textures. Take a look for yourself. Our range changes regularly. gallery photos include products that are stocked by Craft My Life. Only our current available stock is shown in the selection option. Please get in touch if you cant see what you are looking for.

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These toys are enjoyed by anyone and any age. I'm particularly passionate about providing the best I can for neurodiverse adults and children

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