Posca Rock Painting Kit

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This all inclusive rock painting kit includes one set of 8 primary colour 3M Posca paint pens. A 250 ml screw cap lid bottle of Craft My Life’s child friendly sealant. One nylon bristled paint brush to use to apply the sealant and 1 river stone to start you off. All this comes in a cute cotton Craft My Life draw string bag.

I have selected the 3M paint pens as they are great for general drawing and painting. A great size to start off with.  1M’s are finer and better for outlining your drawings, whereas 5M’s are better to fill in larger designs.

Our sealant is made in mind of young children. I prefer to not use spray sealants around kids, so I designed this for their safety but also for their ease of application. It can be painted on or dabbed on with a sponge.

River stones are the best stone to use as they are smooth and flat and non porous. Don’t use lava rocks, rough surfaced, glazed, polished rocks or glass pebbles. The best place to source river stones is mostly at landscapers or a garden centre.

1 review for Posca Rock Painting Kit

  1. Jamie Millett

    Very good quality paint pens and they last a long time, I was so happy when I got to paint some beautiful rocks for the children.

    • Greta John

      Thanks so much for your review Jamie!

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