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Plastic Popits are great sensory toy that pops like bubble wrap, only better because you get to keep them! Their silicone texture feels great too. These popits have a hard white frame much like the Dimpl

Why use popits?

They are designed specifically for Autistic/ASD and ADHD kids and adults, but are popular amongst atypical kids too. Popits help neurodivergent (ADHD and ASD) kids and adults to regulate emotions, process verbal communication and keep busy or restless hands occupied. Being able to keep our hands busy actually helps us to process information better and focus on the topic being discussed or taught. They float too, so they are great for learning to swim schools and playing at home!

Popits are gentle and safe:

Made with food grade silicone they have a great texture and are safe for kids. They are framed in a light weight hardened plastic, the bubbles are made from silicone. Are there more designs?

This design is so much fun, but we also have other Dimpls and popits. Check them out, there’s much more to come. We are passionate about healthy ways to manage our neurodiversity in the home of Craft My Life, I plan to introduce a lot more fidget toys over the coming months.

Personal recommendation:

My daughter loves her fidgets! They are her favourite thing, she does not go out without them. She has many popits. She has permission to use them in class to help her focus.

When I was young “Fidgets” were not named as such, we just had great fiddle toys that we played with. Looking back now so many of my favourite toys could’ve and do come under the “Fidget” classification! Toys like Rubix cube, click clack beads, Scooby wire, that fuzzy worm on a nylon string, magic beans, the slinky and so many more!

The great thing is that they keep kids occupied, off the tablets and don’t make a mess! A pretty good all round toy!

Additional information

Plastic Popit Shapes

Butterfly, Heart Pink, Heart Rainbow, Round Marble, Square Marble


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