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This Handmade Mini Flower Press is designed for kids to enjoy the simplicity of nature with someone who loves them.  When I was a little girl I loved pressing flowers with my grandmother! She would take me for a walk through her garden. We’d look for the ‘just right” flowers. I loved this time with her!  She is 94 now and I still remember that time clearly.

As we picked flowers I’d ask her questions about their sweet perfume that I could smell, their colours and patterns I could see. I’d notice the sound of the bees buzzing and how the aphids felt squishy. I could even get to taste edible flowers like nasturtiums. To find a ladybird was always exciting! I’d imagine the fairies sitting on the buttercups, or hiding in the daffodil’s trumpets. She had a crab apple tree, I used to imagine little pixies sitting on the mini apples that dangled from the branches. This was back when kids didn’t have digital distractions and we had more time to appreciate nature based play. I want to bring back the nostalgic simple fun of pressing flowers for kids. 

Its best to get flowers that are not bulky or that don’t have a cluster of petals.  Finer, light-weighted flowers dry quickly and lay flat on paper.

Each press is laser etched with an inspiring quote.

The presses are hand cut, varnished and supplied with long screws and winged bolts, making it easy for little hands to put together. There are 4 pairs of coloured blotting paper to place the fresh flowers in between, they are separated by layers of contrasting corrugated cardboard. After picking your flowers, place them between the blotting papers, keep the papers in the order that they arrive in. Tighten the nuts and bolts, not too tight at first, after a few days you can tighten them further. After two weeks, open it up and check if your flowers have dried out completely, try not to cheat! Its best to let them dry out properly as they can tear if they stick to the paper while their still a bit wet. The end result is beautiful, just lift them gently off the paper.

This is such a rewarding activity and more can be done with the pressed flowers afterwards. They can be framed, set in candles, mixed into homemade paper sheets, set in resin, the options are open to your imagination!

“Capture your imagination”

Colour will be randomly picked, but please give colour preferences in checkout comments for me to try and match.

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1 review for Handmade Mini Flower Press triple set

  1. Kim Snooks

    I purchased a flower press for my granddaughter. The product is well made, it is also made in Tasmania that’s a bonus one of the reasons for purchasing. Prompt service and delivery thank you Greta
    Now I can pass down to my granddaughter a fun and educational hobby.

    • Greta John

      Ah thank you so much for supporting local Kim! I hope she enjoys creating!

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