Fidget Keychains




Fidget Keychains for on the go fun!

Fidget Keychains for on the go fun and distractions! These sensory toys are cute and tactile.

They are great for all kids but especially Autistic/ASD and ADHD kids or adults. Fidgets help neurodivergent kids and adults to regulate emotions, process verbal communication and keep busy hands occupied. Being able to keep our hands busy actually helps us to process information and to focus on the topic being discussed or taught. For infants and toddlers It encourages fine motor skills and sensory exploration.

We have “Fat Brain” Simple Dimpls and other soft and hard framed dimpls, mini popits shapes, aswell as glow in the dark ones!

We are passionate about healthy ways to manage our neurodiversity in our Craft My Life home, my kids always test run all our fidgets. There is so much enthusiasm for every post office trip! I am constantly looking for new and different fidget toys for kids to enjoy.

Additional information

Keychain shapes

Black 2 pop aqua and orange dimpl, Black 2 pop green and orange dimpl, Black 2 pop yellow and blue dimpl, Fat brain 2 pop green and orange dimpl, Fat brain 2 pop green and purple dimpl, Fat Brain 2 pop pink and blue dimpl, Fat Brain 3 pop orange, green and blue dimpl, Glow in the dark 3 pop peapod keychain, Glow in the dark 4 pop peapod keychain, Glow in the dark green heart popit, Glow in the dark green square popit, Soft 2 pop blue/white dimpl, Soft 2 pop pink/white dimpl, Soft 2 pop yellow mix dimpl, Soft 3 pop blue dimpl, Soft 3 pop red mix Dimpl, Soft 3 pop yellow mix dimpl, Tie dye crab popit, Tie dye square popit, Tie dye Unicorn popit Keychain


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These toys are enjoyed by anyone and any age. I'm particularly passionate about providing the best I can for neurodiverse adults and children

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