Animated Fidget Spinners




Animated Fidget Spinners that jump, run and dance! Kids and adults are fascinated by these fidget spinners.

Check out the Among Us, The Unicorn and The Street dancer on our Facebook page!

Fidget spinners are a great sensory toy to pop in your pocket or bag for on the go fun or a good distraction. Great fun for when kids get bored and fidgety. Fidget spinners were originally designed for kids living with neurodiversity. ADHD and ASD kids have benefitted well from them and the more variations the better.

Fidget spinners help to sooth anxiety, manage emotions and free our brains from the overstimulation of the environment around us. This then helps us to focus on what matters while our busy minds are being distracted by a spinner.

These animated fidget spinners actually only show their true magic when they are viewed through a camera phone. Hold them out in the sunlight, open your camera screen to watch it spin! …. watch them go! The reason why our naked eye can’t see them, is because our eyes and brain processes images far quicker than what a phone can. Its said that we can see approximately 45 frames per second. But phones are set at around 24fps, that’s at cinematic setting. Think of the “old school” flip books!

This is a really cool one to show off to friends and talk about the science behind how they reveal their animation.


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