sensory toys

Sensory Toys are designed to calm and regulate kids with ADHD and Autism.  Thes toys are not only fun they have a purpose too!

Neurodivergent kids often need help with their emotional regulation and their executive function. Sensory sensitivity is something we struggle with everyday. Texture or auditory sensitivity is not only difficult for us but when we are over stimulated our emotions become elevated, we become anxious and reactive. Our ability to take in information or calm ourselves is difficult and we need to find ways to help ourselves.

We also find it hard to focus when our senses are overstimulated. This contributes to our poor executive function, ie how we process information and make decisions.

Fidgets / Sensory Toys are a great way for us to keep our active hands busy, therefore freeing our brains to calmly focus on what’s around us or what we are learning in the class room. With fidgets in our hands we are less likely to be physically impulsive or disruptive. Our anxiety also subsides because the sensory enjoyment gained from playing with fidgets is calming for our brains.

My ADHD brain loved fidget toys as a kid in the 80s, but I had no idea that it was because my ADHD brain benefitted from them. It wasn’t a well known fact then and it wasn’t categorised then either.

Now that we know more about Neurodiversity fidgets have become widely accepted and is a growing industry. A teacher that is well educated about ADHD and Autism will know about the benefits of fidget toys and will be open to them being used in the classroom.

Fidgets are not exclusively for neurodiverse kids and adults, neurotypical kids enjoy them too and most likely benefit from them too.

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