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“Inspiring Creativity Everyday!”

I am Greta, a creative, authentic, fun loving, free spirited mum of two very busy “mini-me’s” that crave stimulation. Their brains are overactive and their spirits run wild! ……. but like most kids they love technology and well quiet frankly we all struggle with keeping our kids off it at times!

My generation grew up playing outdoors, building forts, creating fairy gardens, climbing trees, making go carts and more. I loved climbing our big rubber tree to play in our dodgy tree house! My imagination ran wild, some days I was Tarzan or Mogli. Other days I was Robinson Crusoe but sadly we don’t see much of this today.

“I am passionate about keeping our kids real!”

While I cant come and build a fort with your kids, I can design fun kits to inspire their imagination, keep them busy in the holidays and even give you the peace of mind that they are not glued to a tablet.

I grew up with ADHD and I still am seriously ADHD! I love neurodiversity and love to embrace and enable our strengths. All of this flows into my creative and entrepreneurial spirit. I’m passionate about mental health and creating distractions for us neurodivergent Rainbow Kids! Those of us who fall on the Autism Spectrum with ADHD, ASD, ODD, OCD, etc.

Neurodiversity is always in my thoughts when I design my craft kits.

I love to be a part of events too or any sort of occasion that lends itself to a craft zone or workshop. To find out more please check out our Workshops and Events. I offer a custom made service that you can check out too, if you are interested.

“Craft My Life aims to be a creative, unique, dependable and loved identity with a difference.” 

In June 2017 I founded TAS ROCKS, Tasmania’s original and largest rock painting group. It provided something that was fun, free and got kids motivated to be active outdoors all year round. Best of all it teaches children to do something nice for someone without expecting a return. It brought communities all over Tasmania closer together, created new friendships and inspired creativity in kids, families, grandparents, schools, care homes, etc. It took off with a boom along with other rock painting groups around the world, and now we proudly have over 21000 worldwide members.

“I founded TAS ROCKS in memory of my father who I lost in early 2017.”

It was important to me to add value to my community in honor of him. I was painting rocks with my kids on his birthday that May. While in the head-space of severe overwhelm that I found myself, I had been trying to find something positive to do for my community. Founding TAS ROCKS was the best way for me to deal with the traumatic loss of my dad, in memory of his beautiful, kind spirit. It was so consuming in the first year, but it was so lovely to see the creativity and interconnections it created in our state on that informal level.

How did the name “Craft My Life” came about?

It became apparent to me that members needed access to the right products and they needed help to get up and running. There was a demand for supplies and a demand for workshops. That’s when Craft My Life came to life! I was starting out my new life as a single mum with a frustrated, inner entrepreneur waiting to be enabled and this was a perfect way for me to craft my life over. I began to provide workshops for all sorts of events, I also designed my Rock Painting Kit for members.

I didn’t stop at TAS ROCKS, I then co-founded KNYSNA ROCKS in South Africa. My friend Ashley, approached me to help her get it up and running. She wanted to lift the spirits of the community in Knysna after they had had a devastating fire in 2017. Australian Art Rocks and South African Art Rocks were founded for rock painters to interact and showcase their creations. Crafting My Community is a group for members to interact, exchange tips and ideas and to show what they are working on. Its also a great place for me to chat to my members and get feed back from them, while I am designing new kits.

In October 2016 I became a single mum. I’m a South African living on the island state of Tasmania, in Australia. I had to young kids and had not worked for years, as I had been a FIFO wife for 8 years, which meant I reared my kids mostly alone, while my husband worked interstate.

My career as an Animal Keeper at London Zoo and Adelaide Zoo were in my distant past and I had lost touch with the workforce. I had a small handmade business called Little Finch, that I started while I was raising my kids. I also co-founded “&Co” Pop Up Shops showcasing Tasmanian handmade.

My family all live in South Africa, and in 2017 my life was already under a lot of stress. In that January my father was murdered and his tragic death catapulted me on to the next hardest journey of my life, back to back. 

“I love my brain even though its also been devastating being me!”

One disaster after another happened over the next 4 years and my life was sent into total turmoil, but somehow amongst the carnage I managed to set all of this up. I suppose a lot of that comes down to the fact that my brain is very neurodivergent. I never stop thinking or creating in my head. Im ADHD, my dads murder then triggered my unknown underlying comorbidity disorder, Bipolar. I also have Complex-PTSD, along with a few other Dysphoria from the traumas in my life, but I’ve worked very hard on overcoming them. I credit my successes, failures, creativity, eccentricity, authenticity and determination to my neurodiverse brain, that I was gifted with.

Craft My Life is the beginning of my authentic life! 

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