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Craft My Life is an online store that supplies unique and exciting craft supplies at affordable prices.  Initially we are supplying rock painting kits for the worldwide love of rock painting.  Once we get established there will be so much more on offer to meet many other crafters desires and abilities.

The store has been founded by myself, Greta John after founding TAS ROCKS, KNYSNA ROCKS, Australian Art Rocks and South African Art Rocks.  I noticed that my members struggled to find reliable products or were unsure what to use for rock painting.  Some desireable products were often unaffordable too.

Craft My Life aims to be a dependable, efficient and trusted online craft supplies store with a difference.  I will also provide craft workshops for events, markets and special arrangements in Tasmania.  Enquiries can be made through the store or through our facebook page.    

A bit about myself and how the name "Craft My Life" came about.  In January 2017 I was a recently a single mum, living as an expat on the small island state of Tasmania in Australia, while my family all remain in South Africa, where I left them 21 years ago.  My father had just been murdered in my birth city of Johannesburg, I was jobless as I had been a FIFO wife for 8 years, which meant I had to rear my kids alone 24/7 while my husband worked interstate.  My career as an Animal Keeper at well known international Zoos was in my distant past and I had lost touch with the workforce.   I had a small handmade business called Little Finch on Facebook that was a labour of love.  I also co-founded "&Co" Pop Up Shops supporting many Tasmanian boutique handmade products.

For the first time in my life I was dependant on welfare, which I'm very grateful for, but I knew I had to use it as a stepping stone to rebuild my life, as I worked on my business idea and learnt how to operate a business and support my family.  I had many ideas, but nothing seemed feesible. I knew I wanted to get myself self-sufficient and off welfare as soon as I could.

I was spiralling into deep depression too, over my dads murder.  After painting rememberance rocks on his birthday in May I decided to start up TAS ROCKS on facebook.  Which for anyone who doesnt know, it's a great community encompassing "hide and seek" kind of game, designed to get kids outdoors and off devices.  It now has over 19 000 members and is still growing and creating friendships and inspiring imaginations.  Through my recent journey I have been rebuilding and "crafting my life"!

Craft My Life is the rebirth of my life and the beginning of a brand new chapter! 

Please sign up and continue this journey with me, as I build this business and provide unique and fun products and tutorials to parents and craft enthuisiasts.