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I’m Greta, a mum of two lively kids, lucky to be living in Tasmania the beautiful island state of Australia. I’m passionate about living authentically, inspiring creativity and providing sensory play. Learning and developing life skills through the joy of creativity, imagination, initiative, challenges, nature based play and sensory play is priceless.

There are so many external pressures on us today, it makes it so hard to inspire kids to do just the simplest things that we took for granted when we were young.

I design unique craft kits for kids. My best known kit is my Posca inspired Rock Painting Kit, that I designed after I founded TAS ROCKS. I also love to provide fun-filled creative workshops for any size group. More recently I have begun providing Sensory Toys for neurodiversity and also just for fun!

My love for “Tasmanian Handmade” indulges another of my passions while I enable local makers. When given the chance, I like to make my own creations and provide a custom made service.

We live in Tasmania and if you’d like to know more about us then please read on.

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Sensory Toys

These toys are enjoyed by anyone and any age. I'm particularly passionate about providing the best I can for neurodiverse adults and children

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